Item collection 6964238 original

Chocolate Minis Bouquet - Centerpiece, Gift, Candy Arrangement - Made to Order


Item collection 6964282 original

Box Candy Centerpiece - Custom Order ONLY - Candy Centerpiece, Candy Gift,


Item collection 6964227 original

Chocolate Heaven - Centerpiece - Made to Order


Item collection 6964232 original

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Wreath - Snack Size, Minis, Chocolate, Candy, Gift, Party Decoration


Item collection 6964234 original

Valentine Marshmallow Rose Plant - Made to Order


Item collection 6964250 original

Valentine Blow Pop Bouquet- Candy, Arrangement - Ready to Ship


Item collection 6964253 original

Candy Bouquet - Centerpiece, Gift. Candy Arrangement - Made to Order, Custom Order


Gifts From The Kitchen

Favors for weddings, birthdays, showers and other occasions. Homemade treats make great gifts. All food items are made to order and ship at customer's own risk although I do everything I can to ensure safe shipping. I also offer gift and favor tags. I also offer other other stationery too!